“My hospital for sale” – keep it confidential or make it public? An advise to the seller

What is best? Keeping it confidential or making it public?

Healthcare is a small community and total number of healthcare professionals in India are less than 0.5%. Most of them are well connected and are in constant communication. If you make it public that you wish to sell your hospital, the information will spread amongst the doctors community and they start analyzing the reason behind the downfall.

It all depends on how soon you wish to dispose your hospital. If you are not in hurry, then the best mode is to take it professionally. Get the project valuated by professional consultants and try understand the value of the hospital. The value depends on the total assets and the potential of the hospital to generate revenue over the years. Your consultants will also help you draft an executive summary briefing about the project and its potential to make business. The summary will not include the details of the seller but only the details of the facility and its financial health.

By sharing this in the community, prospective buyer will approach to discuss further. Then your consultant will sign an NDA with them to initiate the dialogue and educate them about the hospital. This would be the best way to take such project confidentially, yet making it public.


February 19, 2018