How much should I invest into my hospital website? Is there enough returns?

What is the purpose of website? A prestige issue or to attract patients?

No other industry has such huge contents as in Healthcare. In the age of contents, wherein search engines like google, bing and ask set standards for websites based on the contents, healthcare websites can make best use of such opportunities.

The primary focus of the website is to disseminate rightful information to the information seekers. If the users find your contents helpful, they believe in you and approach you. This is the logic behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wherein you will optimize your website as per the standards set by search engines like Google / Bing. So, a healthcare company should spend lot of time building good contents rather than building high end website with graphics, animation and complex layouts.

You should be able to estimate the returns on the investment made on website and this should be an approach when you invest into the website. Once the website gets you expected returns, then you can work on beautifying the site.

February 16, 2018