What to check while offering a job to freelance consultant on CareDoctrine?

Things to check before you could assign a job to a freelance consultant on CareDoctrine

CareDoctrine make sure that the consultant is experienced enough to take up the assignment. It does check their credentials before allowing them to post the job. If the user likes the job, we strongly advise the buyer to have an initial dialogue with the seller and clarify all the concerns on the job before assigning.

The platform allows the user to check the seller’s rating and to contact them before placing the order. Do not worry about the money, CareDoctrine will only transfer it only if you accept the service and give a feedback. Once you accept, CareDoctrine will disburse the amount to the seller. In the course, if there is any misunderstanding with the seller, CareDoctrine will intervene to make sure who is right and protect their interest.

February 16, 2018