Terms of Service

These terms and conditions apply when purchasing a Jobs at caredoctrine.com:

1. General Usage

With the purchase of Jobs, you are entitled to make best use of the service that are offered by our freelance consultants at caredoctrine. To understand on how it works, please refer the page How it works and then proceed to purchase the job. CareDoctrine is here to connect the buyer and seller and make sure the fee for service is appreciated against successful delivery of the service. CareDoctrine has the right to check the transaction and make right decision and protect the interest of the genuine party.

2. Guarantee

CareDoctrine do guarantees fair transaction between the buyer and the seller on the platform. But CareDoctrine will not guarantees the quality of work. The buyer and seller are supposed to communicate between each other before paying the service fee. On the contrary, what CareDoctrine could guarantees is in case of conflicts, we intervene and check the transaction communication and then decide on who is fair and honor them by repaying back the fees.

3. Support 

Either a buyer or a seller, once registered in our site, we will support for all your concerns. You can write to us @ support@caredoctrine.com and get a reply in less than 24 hrs. The support will be only through email and for sellers, based on the level of service, support through chat or telephone to fast track the issue. We work all weekday and are off on Saturday and Sunday.


4. Job Post Assistance

If need be, we can help you in setting up the jobs for an additional fee. You need to be ready with the contents and then mail it to us. We will get the work done for you. Just raise a request to support@caredoctrine.com and we will come back to you with a checklist of to do things to post a job on behalf of you.